Aerial in motion

Aerial In Motion offers professional aerial photography and videography from a sky-view for your project.  We started our business in Los  Angeles, CA and have provided Aerial Video and Aerial Photography for clients across Southern California and have since gone nation-wide due to high demand.  We are experts at capturing the footage you want by using the industry’s top

Multicopters, (drones, uav, rc copters) that provide the close range aerial shots that will make your project stand out.

We work closely with each client so your expectations are fully met.

We offer the below services: 

Using Quadcopter, Octocopter, Hexacopter for Aerial Filming.

Top industry HD equipment for Aerial footage.

High Resolution digital stills for your Aerial Photography needs.

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We are also able to use our equipment to help people or businesses test safety measures while working with the police force, surveillance, search and rescue, aerial inspection, bridges, wind turbines and much more.

The flying platforms we use for aerial filming offer high quality HD still photography along with HD video. These HD aerial shots are currently being used in Hollywood for feature films, television, commercials, independent films, documentaries, real estate aerial photography and much more.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about our business, or for a quote of a certain event.

We are available from 9 to 7pm Monday-Saturday.

Please call (310) 780-7274

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